Thursday, August 14, 2008

So... I am so aware my last post was, like, maybe two hours ago. BUT. I got hungry. that casserole, that was hours ago, and before my soccer game. So, despite the fact that it's late enough at night to be morning, I'm hungry. I have a small craving for prosciutto. Aww, I'll spare you the gory train-of-thought details. this is what happened:

1 can chickpeas
a few strips of Abraham smoked prosciutto, diced-ish and separated
3 baby beets, roasted (in case you don't have fresh ones, Tj's has vacuum packed precooked ones in produce)
A couple tbsp crumbled Israeli feta

Drain, rinse, and dry the chickpeas. Sautee in a medium-hot pan (in olive oil. do i need to say that? not sure) until they start to crust. Salt and pepper gratuitously. Sneak at least three of them out of the pan, minding your fingers, and marvel at how creamy and melty a bean can be. Regain your senses, dice the beets and add to chickpeas. Warm them, but don't let them crust. Meanwhile, fight to separate the layers of prosciutto, and when you get too frustrated, start throwing it in in small hunks. Once everything is warm and coated, turn off the heat and crumble a good hunk of feta in the pan, tossing once or twice so everything gets a fair chance.

I know this is simple. I know it requires no herbs, no garlic and no spice. But I beg of you, just do it. The contrast in the simple textures and flavors... trust me on this one.
I am totally going to sleep now.

Thanks for listening.

oh, and p.s.-- I could see this being disappointing if you didn't use smoked prosciutto and super creamy feta packed in liquid. Fair warning.

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