Thursday, August 14, 2008

I forgot Casserole was a food until tonight.

[Those are my morning glories. Not edible, but pretty.]

My dear over-vegetable-ed friends:
Went to the parents for dinner tonight. I arrived to my mom cursing at the rice cooker to work faster, THE big silver bowl (does everyone have one of these? the giant, silver bowl that is distinct, and almost exclusively used for mixing large quantities?) full of lightly sauteed veggies and Prosciutto on the counter and a shattered casserole dish on the floor.
Now, after a life time with my mom, I can usually walk in to a cooking situation and more or less deduce what's for dinner. Today, however, I was completely stumped. With a look of despair I had to ask just what the hell was going on here. The answer? The casserole dish had slid right out of the lazy Susan and shattered thin porcelain shaving all over the floor. Caserole. She was making a casserole, and I would have never guessed it. I forgot completely that casserole is a food, and that it doesn't have to contain canned tuna.
In case you were thinking of turning up your nose at the idea of a thing called casserole: this was delicious, easy way to use many veggies at once, with no tuna or Velveeta in sight.
I have been inspired. I see many a lovely vegetable casserole in my future, how about you? I will bother my mother for some form of recipe in the morning, I promise, but, I'm also pretty sure you don't need one. Rice, precooked veggies, perhaps some shredded chicken? maybe a little cheese? Don't forget breadcrumbs on top. Imperative. Oh, and don't drop the casserole dish.

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