Saturday, November 15, 2008

Stupid things I do (in the kitchen)

The lovely ladies at G3 tagged me for this one. Without my usual fanfare because I would like to shower before I go to work:

5 stupid things I do in the Kitchen:

1. Cut bagels in my hand. With a super sharp, super huge jimmy-johns issue bread knife. I have yet to hurt myself, but I get nervous every time I do it. Which is probably a sign I should stop.

2.Store all my spices in an old gift bag on the dining room floor. I wish I had a good explanation for this, but I don't. My mom sent me home one day with a buncha spices in a bag, and instead of taking them out and making them a home, I just keep putting more spices in the bag. Its really impractical. Maybe over Christmas break I'll clear them a shelf, like I said I would the whole summer.

3. Waste Wine. Cover your ears dad. I suck at finishing bottles. While folks like doctors and mothers against drunk driving and puritans and my professors may appreciate this, I feel incredibly guilty pouring 4 day old bottles down the drain so I can open another one. Consequently, I've taken this as a chance to work my way through the $5 wine selection at Trader Joe's that people constantly ask me questions about and I constantly have to say "uh, actually I haven't had that bottle yet, how about this $8 one? "(in the land of two-buck-chuck, I often get looks usually reserved for the insane and inept when I suggest this) Side note, most of these cheapies have sucked, and my well-bred instincts to stick to bottles closer to $10 seems to be well founded. Score 2 for the drain, Alli, 0.

4. Completely forget about side dishes. I haven't been as bad about this lately because I haven't planned as intricate meals lately (thanks, college) but it was becoming a hallmark of mine over the summer. It'd go something like this: buy fish to grill, the workings for an involved marinade, sweet potatoes to grill with it and asparagus to steam because the looked good. Spend 15 minutes talking grill in to lighting, 20 minutes marinading fish, realize that grill is over-ready, put sweet potatoes on (after some unsuspecting friend was forced in to oiling, salting etc. because I'm so worked up about the fish) get fish on grill, hover, hover, hover, bring in fish and potatoes (which are slightly burned because its 10pm by now and I can't see the grill very well) get everything inside and realize I forgot about asparagus. They don't get prepared, because its late and we're hungry and said friend doesn't care about asparagus by now, and so they sit in my fridge for the next week until they turn in to something that would make a 5th grade boy giggle with delight. I do this alllll the time.

5. Sit on the Floor. I have no good explanation as to why I do this. I just like it. My kitchen is a little small (and dirty) for me to sit on its floor too regularly, but it's one of my favorite places to be at my parents. Especially if I have something to read (if I'm talking to people though, I prefer to sit on the counters. Which my mom has mysteriously stopped asking me not to do. Perhaps adult privilege?). Plus, then the dog usually comes and lays on my legs. And I can sit squarely in front of the heat vent under the sink and wedge my self between the cabinets. It's a very childish pleasure, I'll admit.

So the next step with these things is to tag some one else to answer the question. I'm suddenly realizing that I don't have very many blog friends. Or really, any at all. Except of course for the one, the only, the delightful Brian Tucker. I'll tag Hannah Pants too, even though the only blog she has is the one we have to do for class, and she probably doesn't even know this blog of mine exists, just the silly one where I answer prompts for class in the craziest way I can still hope for an A on my blog grade. Yes, that's right, I have a blog grade. And because I feel bad that this post was photograph-free, here's a great picture of Hannah and I dressed up for a class project. (I am an essay, and she is a writing style-guide super hero. Can't you tell?)

For the curious: Yes, this really is what 300 level writing courses are like. (The project, and ugly step child blog for that matter, are for English 328, Writing, Style, and Technology. )


Mom said...

Make vinegar out of your leftover wine:

Mom said...

I don't have any mother to spare right now...but you could get some locally. Check out this blog for some Detroit area sources.

You could also buy some organic unpasteurized vinegar like Braggs and use that - check out this blog for more info on what to do

Unfortunately, you won't have enough mother to give away at Christmas - if you started today, using either method, you're probably a couple months off from being able to have enough to give away.