Saturday, May 17, 2008

An adventure which will someday be culinary.

It's good to come home dirty, I believe.
I've spent the last two days in the frog island community gardens, building raised beds out of old logs and concrete and then filling them with dirt. (I'm sure I will sleep well tonight). I figure this is relevant, seeing as how one day, it will produce food, which, I'm sure, I'll tell you all about.
Not to mention this sort of thing is why I love Ypsi. Its a good place, despite it's ugly stepsister reputation. I never much liked Cinderella anyhow. So with out further ado, a photo essay.

This is where we started Friday afternoon.

Kyle and Chris diligently drilled holes with a chainsaw and pounded
rebar in to the ground to make walls.

I stacked the cracked cement. We made progress.

Saturday, the dirt needed moving. And, boy, was there a lot of it.

ready to plant!

And, now, I am so damn sore that all I want to do is sit on the couch. Its a nice sore, though, reminiscent of accomplishment and sunshine. Which is just fine for a gray Sunday afternoon.

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