Sunday, April 27, 2008

Novella Synergy blend, Paso Robles

This guy is a fresh addition to the Trader Joe's wine collection as of Wednesday 4/23. The label initially drew me to it (well, that and it's "hey, I've never seen you on my shelf before" quality) and its price (a delightful $6.99) and blend convinced me to buy it: Petite sirah, cab, sangovese, and petite verdot. My instincts proved correct; this is an excellent bottle. It describes it self as "plum and berry... with a long elegant finish of currant, mocha and spice." I feel thats fairly accurate, however, I get a distinct earthiness towards the finish that works just delightfully with the dark fruit flavors. I don't really find anything I'd categorize as mocha (I imagine this means chocolate and coffee, appealing to the Starbucks crowd are we?) however,
I could easily see how the dark earthy flavors I'm picking up could be interpreted in to a dark earthy chocolate and dark earthy coffee (time for a definition: when I say earthy, I mean things like dirt, wood, and the general feeling of being in an old forest.)

The sheer loveliness of this wine isn't even the best part: The price is.

For reasons that won't mean anything to you unless you work at Trader Joe's or with wine distributors, I assumed that this was a Trader Joe's private label bottle. However, just to see what happened, I googled it. I came up with this. if you're too lazy to click that, what I discovered that is that this wine is not a private label, and is in fact produced by ESO vineyards and commercially available. That's not real exciting in and of it self, but the fact that their website is charging $14 plus shipping for a wine I brought home for $6.99 certainly is.
I haven't been able to determine if this is a one time buy, or if Trader Joe's really will be carrying this for half the recommended cost, but either way, you should run out and get some.


Paris said...

Love this wine! Havent tried the white but wow this is well for the $$

Timothy said...

The Novella Synergy is just as good as you say.

I wish TJ's would carry the Villa Montefiori or Columbia Syrah 2003.

Supposed to be yummy.


The Gourmez said...

I quoted some of your thoughts on this wine on my blog. I thought it was an okay wine, and it was much simpler than what you tasted--perhaps it's a difference in vintage.